Want to Travel More?

If you said yes, then I challenge you to the 12 Trip Challenge!

The 12 Trip Challenge is a motivating and inspiring way to travel more and plan a ‘trip’ every month for an entire year. Sure, 12 trips in a year may seem like a lot but it can be done. Just because it’s a trip doesn’t mean you have to go to far off destinations. If you’re strapped for cash, you can plan a trip exploring your home country or home state. By doing this challenge it may enable you to plan out and budget for your dream vacation.

I first heard about the ‘challenge’ through another blogger and the idea just kind of stuck with me. Why? because as an expat living in Europe, I had absolutely no idea how I had most of the world at my fingertips and relatively affordable (with some clever hacks and planning). The challenge enabled me to see the world a little closer to my new, adopted home in Northern Germany in a way that I never had the ability to do while living in NYC.

Alright, just because I lived in New York City isn’t an excuse not to travel. However, my jobs at the time hindered my traveling greatly. So, I made it my business to plan a ‘trip’ each month to a place I haven’t been.

Check out the following years:




I’m always looking for new and exciting places to visit. Do you have a suggestion?