Month: July 2016

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Life as an Expat: One Year Abroad

Living abroad is exciting and challenging all at the same time. Things are new and beautiful but adjusting can be difficult. My first year abroad was both challenging and exciting. There are things I’ve learned, things I’ve adapted to and new things I might be faced with in my future while I’m here.  Read more…

Visit Venice Italy

5 Reasons to Visit Venice & 5 Reasons Not To

Venice is a city that is popular in movies, for honeymooners, and a “must-see” place on everyone in the world’s bucket list. But, just like every other place, for the number of reasons you should visit Venice there are some reasons why you shouldn’t either. Read more…

Venice in 48 hours

Venice in 48 Hours

The simple thought, and often daydream, of Venice elicits a sort of excitement and the image of a city on water with painted houses, glistening¬†canals, and serenading gonoldiers to lovestruck couples and tourists alike. Though this image is not far off, there is so much more to Venice than what they show in movies. Venice […] Read more…

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