Gluten Free Guide to: BERLIN

Berlin is a fabulous place for the newest food trends, interesting flavors, and impossible food pairings. In this city everyone can find something delicious to eat. Here are my gluten free and vegan favorites.  Read more…


Berlin in a Weekend

If you’ve only one weekend to spend in Berlin, check out my itinerary to check off the “must-see” and “things-to-do” list for a fun experience you can only have in Berlin.  Read more…


Berlin: A Tour through the History of the Cold War

German Villages Lower Saxony

3 Cute German Villages Worthy of a Visit

Big cities are great places to visit, but even some of the towns outside of these big cities are worthy of a visit as well. Check out these three villages in Germany that deserve a visit. Read more…

Things you Didn’t know about Marzipan

What is it about this Play-Doh like confection that smells more like rum spiked vanilla cookie and tastes like a kilo of sugar? While I was visiting Niedregger’s in Lübeck, I had the opportunity to find out about this centuries old cake topper. Here are some things you didn’t know about marzipan. Read more…

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