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Haunted Places in Colorado

It’s finally October and in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season is upon us, I am excited to write about one of my favorite Halloween topics: haunted places. Whether you choose to believe in spirts, or ghosts or however you think of it or not, the knowing of a supposed haunted place invokes a […] Read more…

33 Things I Learned Living in New York City

I’ve lived in New York City for six years and in the course of that time I learned how to be a New Yorker, how to navigate the concrete jungle, how to interact with tourists, how to not approach people, and how to deal with the “all-work-no-play” phrase. In this city, you have to up your game to survive.  Read more…

6 Great Rooftop Bars to Visit in New York City this Spring

Spring in New York City is a great time of year to enjoy the views of the city, weather and exceptionally low numbers of visitors before the Tourist Season starts. Here are my personal six favorite places for rooftop hangouts for great drinks and entertainment.  Read more…

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