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Life as an Expat: One Year Abroad

Living abroad is exciting and challenging all at the same time. Things are new and beautiful but adjusting can be difficult. My first year abroad was both challenging and exciting. There are things I’ve learned, things I’ve adapted to and new things I might be faced with in my future while I’m here.  Read more…

solo female travel

Solo Female Travel | Is it really as dangerous as people think?

Solo female travel has been a much talked about subject as of late but also simultaneously increasing in popularity. One question is continually being asked: is it really as dangerous as people think to travel alone being a woman? Read more…

life as a multilingual

Life as a Multilingual

They say that only 20% of the United States is bilingual and growing up in the American Southwest, I would have disagreed with that number completely. My fellow schoolmates learned a bit late in life that I was already fluent in two languages when they just began learning a mandated foreign one. But there are drawbacks as well as benefits, here are my observations: Read more…

26 truths I've accepted in 2015

26 Truths I’ve Accepted in 2015

The year 2015 put a lot of things into perspective for me, or perhaps I just decided to pay more attention to my quality of life and what I actually needed as opposed to what I wanted. So, with this approach I decided to write down truths I have accepted this year and use it as a vehicle to a better year in 2016. Read more…

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