Allow me to Introduce myself…

My name is Talia and I’m the face behind Go With Talia. I’m a blogger, freelance writer,  photographer, and solo traveler hailing from Colorado and living in Germany. I offer a unique perspective in my writing and my passions and love to share them with others in hopes of inspiring more people to discover the world. Through a lens or a unique adventure.

and my blog…

Go With Talia is about the unique and authentic experiences throughout the world. Ever wanted to get a divers license? Why not get it in Iceland and dive the Silfra fissure! Want to take up surfing but you’re pining for Morocco? You can learn to surf in Morocco; who’d have thought! That is what Go With Talia is about.

Go With Talia has seen rapid growth in its first year 2016. Today, Go With Talia receives over 2.5k page views per month. My readers are 46% female and 54% male. The content found on Go With Talia appeals to expats, Millennials, and solo adventurists seeking inspiration away from the cookie-cutter, packaged and expected vacations. My readers are people who lead a normal life but have goals to travel and maximize their vacation days while employed full-time.

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Why are Partnerships with Bloggers Important?

Partnering with a blogger enables a company to employ innovative marketing strategies that reach potential customers and readers on a personal and relatable level.

Think of it this way, many companies employ top-notch UX (user experience) Designers to design and create the best product and service and ultimately, loyal customers for the company.

Now, let’s apply that to a real-world marketing perspective:

Working with a blogger could be a company’s way of hiring a UX Designer!

Before you buy something, do you check reviews and read what other people think about the product? We all do it, and bloggers can offer a realistic and informative approach to showcase a company’s product or service and, by doing so, gain the trust of existing and potential customers.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Blogger?

TRUST – as a blogger, I’m a real person that can establish trust with people in a way that conventional marketing cannot do.

SEO FRIENDLY – with the proper use of keywords and SEO strategies, I can provide a good amount of exposure to my audience and social networks of like-minded individuals.

FRIENDS FOR LIFE – you can build a solid working relationship with a blogger that can have a huge impact on how potential clients view your product or service before buying.

LONG SHELF LIFE – the content I produce stays active indefinitely; Evergreen content = value. In other words, a single investment in such a partnership can produce long-term results compared to traditional marketing tactics.


What I Can Offer?


If we team up, some things I can offer are:

  • Social Media coverage during and after a trip or experience (inc. Facebook mentions, Tweets, Instagram photos and stories with appropriate hashtags).
  • A pre-discussed number of posts per project after the trip or experience with original photography.

Product Reviews

Do you have a product that can change the way I travel? Be it an app or a gadget, I’ll review the product during my travels and write a comprehensive review with crisp and clear photos with my honest opinion.


Providing a review on a product or service will be 100% truthful and will abide by ethical blogging practice by notating the review or partnership in the relevant posts. As a writer and consumer, positive reviews cannot be guaranteed if I find the product or service is not right for the blog, Go With Talia, or something that my readers cannot benefit from.


Go With Talia has been experiencing some amazing growth in its first year and I’m happy to announce that, in early 2018, I will be rolling out advertising options.

By advertising your product or service on Go With Talia, it will reach a wide audience with the United States, The U.K. and Germany being the top geographic locations of my readers. A few examples of advertising on Go With Talia are:

  • Product Review (see above)
  • Specific Branded Content for posts and/or links within a post
  • Social Media Coverage for agreed upon amount of days or SM takeover
  • Banner Ads on GWT with various placement options
  • Text Ads within blog posts


Does your product or service need a voice? If it aligns with the interests of Go With Talia then please send a detailed email to me here.

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